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The Meet&Greet platform empowers talent to generate new revenue streams by engaging their audience more deeply.

Let us customize our platform for you.

The Leading technical solution for audience engagement and monetization.

It's your platform, we just power the technology.

Great for talent

Sell tickets to live pay-per-view broadcasts and live video chats, great for online performances, live shows, meet and greets, Q&A’s, workshops and more.

Instantly open an ecommerce shop and stock it with high-quality, customizable drop-ship merchandise, so you never have to worry about inventory again.

Enable one-time or recurring monthly subscriptions for exclusive content and other rewards fulfilled automatically through the platform.

Great for agencies and networks

Unlock new revenue streams for your talent through a platform you control and earn a percentage of the proceeds.

Build your proprietary data set, integrate with social media and use audience insights to inform business decisions.

Leverage our technology infrastructure to immediately receive state of the art features and functionality, without the exorbitant development and maintenance costs.

How our customers use our Technology

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